Rapid temperature change test box, hand Yu Cheng fire, give firefighters security protection

Article source:Riukai Popularity:-publisher:Riukaiissuing time:2017-05-22 15:08:00

Guangzhou City Yucheng Fire Technology Co. Ltd is a Chinese Civil Engineering Institute of engineering technology of fire prevention branch of the governing unit, the National Fire Protection Association member units, Guangdong Province Fire Protection Association member units, Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Finance Association Science and technology enterprises in Guangzhou City, the new board members will promote development of sponsors. The product has passed the testing and certification of the national fire equipment quality supervision and inspection center, the national fixed fire extinguishing systems and components of quality supervision and inspection center, the national fire electronic product quality supervision and inspection center.

In the protection of personal safety purposes, Guangzhou Yucheng fire strict supervision of fire protection products quality, due to the testing demand, especially to our procurement consulting rapid temperature change test box and salt spray test machine, the Division I and Guangzhou Yucheng rapid temperature fire technology cooperation test box, is our richeschem instrument an important step to enter the fire industry, this equipment has been successfully produced in the company.

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