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Inclined plane impact testing machine

  • Category:Tension / vibration / drop tester
  • Introduction:The device can simulate the product packaging in the actual environment, the ability to impact damage,Such as handling, stacking of the shelves, sliding of the motor, loading and unloading of the locomotives, transportation of the products, etc.,The machine can also be used as scientific research institutions, colleges, packaging technology testing center, packaging materials factory and foreign trade, transportation and other departments of the slope of the commonly used tes
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Climate Vibration Test Chamber mainly provides the change of temperature and humidity environment for the aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, electronics, communications and other scientific research and production units, while in the test chamber electric vibration stress according to the provisions of the cycle is applied to the sample, for users of the machine (or components), electrical appliances, instruments, materials etc. temperature and humidity, vibration stress screening test, to test the adaptability of examination or test to evaluate the behavior of.

Why choose RIUKAI test chambers

Focus in R&D and manufacture of reliable Environmental Chambers for 20 years!

Easy operation: PLC touch screen operation system, user can freely set and store test curve and data.

Energy conservations: adopting intelligent heating and refrigeration control system, energy saving more than 35%.

Low noise design: less than 60DB for refrigeration test.

Evaporator won’t frost after 1000 hours low temperature operation.

Ability to control the rapid ramp rate by 5~25℃/min for saving test time.

Multi-function design, maximum temperature can reach 200℃.

Equip with LAN and USB interface for remote set and monitor test data

APP software is optional, mobile phone can wireless manage machine operation.

To improve the quality, stability and reliability of test equipment, RIUKAI is rigorous in product appearance, details and components.

Self-developed control system

Compressor unit

In order to make effective and reasonable control for the equipment, engineers developed core control system by year’s research and improvement.   

Original imported France Tecumseh / German Bock compressor to guarantee the quality, stability and reliability of equipment

Rigorous manufacture details

Copper evaporator

apanese standard production details

 European standard performance index

 Global optimality price

For better conductivity, high cooling efficiency and good uniformity

30 safety protection devices

Imported main components

 Multi-safety protection                                       

To guarantee the safety of equipment, operator and test specimen    

All main components are imported brand

Product structure details show

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