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High low temperature test chamber

  • Category:Environmental Test Chambers
  • Introduction:Applicable to industrial products, high temperature, low temperature reliability test.The The parts and materials of related products such as electronic and electrician, automobile and motorcycle, aerospace, ship weapons, institutions of higher learning, scientific research units and other materials in the high temperature, low temperature (alternating) cycle changes in the case,Test its performance indicators
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Why choose RIUKAI test chambers

Focus in R&D and manufacture of reliable Environmental Chambers for 20 years!

| Riukai Technical highlights

New optimization design, small footprint, and the use of large window observation window, test product status visualization stronger.The use of imported brand parts, reliable quality, machine two years free warranty.

Using 7 "TFT true color touch screen, larger than the other screen, more intuitive, more simple operation, more stable operation.

High and low temperature test box controller Chinese and English two kinds of picture language switch, dynamic real-time changes the program editing curve.

With USB interface, R-232C communication interface, download data curve.

Remote monitoring of machine operation over the Internet, and remote control of the machine (optional).

Evaporator using flooding leak detection method, leak detection intuitive and thorough, to ensure that the equipment is good air tightness, stable operation of equipment.

The use of modular refrigeration unit, to ensure the quality of manufacturing, and maintenance is very convenient to replace

Can be low temperature continuous operation 1000 hours without frost, the temperature does not rise.

A number of security measures, fault alarm display and fault causes and troubleshooting methods function display.

| Characteristic advantage

| Riukai? 10? advantage

| Quality assurance

To improve the quality, stability and reliability of test equipment, RIUKAI is rigorous in product appearance, details and components.

Self-developed control system

Compressor unit

In order to make effective and reasonable control for the equipment, engineers developed core control system by year’s research and improvement. ??

Original imported France Tecumseh / German Bock compressor to guarantee the quality, stability and reliability of equipment

Rigorous manufacture details

Copper evaporator

apanese standard production details

?European standard performance index

?Global optimality price

For better conductivity, high cooling efficiency and good uniformity

30 safety protection devices

Imported main components

Multi-safety protection

To guarantee the safety of equipment, operator and test specimen

All main components are imported brand

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