How long does the constant temperature and humidity test case need to be cleaned?

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Constant temperature and humidity test box is widely used, especially in research institutes, colleges and universities and other places. It is popular in all fields. For the use of methods, many operators do not understand their operating procedures in detail, resulting in the use of the process of various problems, affecting the normal test of equipment. Therefore, in use, be sure to maintain and clean.

The cleaning of test instrument is necessary, and it is better to use equipment only if you know how to clean it. Many users do not know how long it takes to clean the equipment when they use the equipment, which results in the accumulation of a lot of stains and affects the test result.

After using the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, there is a lot of pollution around the equipment, such as sample material and so on, which will affect the testing of the equipment. Therefore, after users use the equipment, we must pay attention to cleaning, avoid the next use of problems. Thorough cleaning for external cleaning equipment, so when cleaning must be careful, if you can't do a professional cleaning, the best choice of professional cleaning, after cleaning so as to avoid the emergence of various problems, the damage of equipment parts, not accurate test data.

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