Unique design, PCT high speed accelerated aging test box developed successfully

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Unique design, PCT high speed accelerated aging test box developed successfully

As the old PCT high voltage accelerated aging test box many manufacturers are on the market is very easy to imitate, posing as customers are dragons and fishes jumbled together, think like the quality of our products, the same function, so the special design of the new, so that customers easy to choose,

New PCT high speed accelerated aging test box features:

1. unique appearance, elegant appearance

Test of special treatment, 2. tank rack made of special materials, can prevent the test during the test of rust products, affect the test result.

3. inner container, stainless steel arc inner liner design, can avoid steam overheating, direct impact round test inner box structure, accord with industrial safety container standard, can prevent from condensation and drip in test

4. 、 revolving door way, strong anti pressure, safe to use.

5., can be scheduled to start the function, you can set the boot device time, control the end of the test time. Save work time.

6., the world's first to increase air cleanliness technology to ensure that the purity of the box

7. critical point, LIMIT mode, automatic safety protection, abnormal cause and fault prompt

8., the machine has a regular drying function, so that the test products in a dry state

9. water tank 16L large capacity water tank, placed at the bottom of the box, the use of the latest active automatic water supply system, effectively prevent the heating pipe dry; the test does not end; at the end of the test, the device will automatically remove the pressure

10. test rack, jig and partition board. Test products can be placed flat or hung up for testing.

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