The new test box with constant temperature and humidity parameters to escape

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The spring breeze of spring breeze is sometimes good and sometimes bad, not spring flowers do not open flowers, and by the wind. In spring, the beginning of the year, Everything looks fresh and gay., full of vigour.

In this warm season, the new constant temperature and humidity test box research and development has come to an end, I Division in the last year to collect a number of customers a variety of recommendations, the constant temperature and humidity test box for the depth of transformation, the appearance is not good Change!!! 80L too small in size? Change!!! The operation is inconvenient,? Change!!! ...

In order to preview the new equipment, the small depth research and development department, tea delivery water, and eventually get first-hand information, the new constant temperature and humidity test box, the specific parameters are as follows:


Internal dimension (H*W*D): 50*40*50

External dimension (H*W*D):140*60*1250

Temperature range, uniformity, temperature change rate unchanged, shape, space and other related changes, specific product plans released later, please users continue to pay attention to this site.

For more details on new equipment, please click on the consultation tool on the right side of the page or seek advice from 400-0883-892.

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