The instruments and techniques for curbing the loss of state resources are critical

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The instruments and techniques for curbing the loss of state resources are critical

We will strengthen the reform of the product chain of raw material processing enterprises and introduce advanced instruments for further processing

Ability for some raw materials processing enterprises, the national guide to the raw material processing transformation, for some enterprises do not have the ability to transition countries should provide appropriate technology and equipment to change the direction of processing products, supporting the development of enterprises. Many businesses are aided by lack of national policy. No machining and inspection instruments and techniques can not develop, so only simple raw materials rough processing. Therefore, the correct guidance and assistance of the state and the production instruments and techniques of the enterprise are the key to change the loss of state-owned raw material resources abroad.

News examples: Yongji to form mainly Huasheng aluminum aluminum deep processing industry cluster

In order to extend the aluminum deep processing industry chain, the annual output of 220 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum and aluminum products from Yongji City, the "dry pressing net has invested 90 million yuan for infrastructure construction of the industrial park, has realized the park, electricity, gas, road and sewage treatment and other public infrastructure, and all azimuth tracking service for the enterprise, guarantee the rapid development of electrolytic aluminum deep processing of downstream industries, attracting high technology content and added value of Guanghai aluminum, high Toyoki Haifeng aluminum 14 aluminum processing enterprises, the formation of a new raw material advantage, technology advantage and market advantage industry rapid development pattern based on. In the first 5 months of this year, the total output value of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size of industrial clusters amounted to RMB 1 billion 550 million yuan, paying taxes more than RMB 3300 yuan.

The domestic market of domestic products should be improved and enterprises should improve the quality and service to enhance the market competitiveness of domestic products

The domestic market share of high-end products is very small, a lot of advanced high-end products are mainly imported, with chemical instrument, such as chromatography mass spectrometry and high precision day high-end instruments are equal to imports, this kind of domestic instruments for related enterprises accounted for less than 10%, because we generally believe that the foreign instrument technology advanced, quality assurance, improve customer service. So the domestic instrument related manufacturing enterprises should actively develop new technology, improve product quality, improve customer service service, to improve the market competitiveness, the relevant state departments also should introduce policies to help these enterprises to open the market.

High end products, rational choice, support domestic, from "I" start

As a consumer, we should also support domestic instruments, of course, is not to resist foreign instruments, we are in line with the support of domestic attitude, learn to choose high-end products rationally.

The national policy and scientific research project is the foundation; the reform and development of enterprises and the competitiveness of products is the key, only advanced technology and equipment to help the development of the enterprise; consumer attitudes and market power. It can be seen that the combined effects of the state, enterprises, consumers and the market can fundamentally change the loss of state-owned raw material resources.

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