Teach you how to judge the cause of slow cooling in the constant temperature and humidity test box

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Teach you how to judge the cause of slow cooling in the constant temperature and humidity test box,

Constant temperature and humidity test box can test all kinds of materials and finished products of heat resistance, cold resistance, drying resistance, humidity resistance and other functions, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, food, vehicles, metals, chemicals, building materials and other industries testing. It is a type of environment specially designed for simulating temperature and humidity, which has the problem of humidity regulation and temperature rising and heating. Regardless of heating and cooling, the rate has a basic standard, too fast or too slow, all belong to equipment abnormalities! The normal situation, constant temperature and humidity test box will according to the specified time range, cooling to the corresponding value, but the constant temperature and humidity test box is used for a long time, or because the usual operation is not correct, may also be caused by constant temperature and humidity test chamber cooling speed is slow, the us to analyze the cause of the slow over the constant temperature and humidity speed test box:

One reason

1. due to temperature can't keep, observe whether the refrigeration compressor can start in the test box in the process of operation, the compressor can start in environmental testing equipment during operation, from the main power supply to the compressor normal electrical lines, there is no problem of electric system.

2. the electrical system is no problem, continue to check the refrigeration system. First of all, the exhaust temperature and the suction pressure of the two groups of refrigeration units are lower than the normal value, and the suction pressure is evacuated. This shows that the refrigeration unit of the main refrigerating unit has insufficient cooling capacity (R23).

3., touch the main group R23 compressor exhaust and suction lines, found that the exhaust pipe temperature is not high, the suction line temperature is not low (not frosted), which also shows the host group of R23 refrigerant lack.

Reason two:

1. failed to determine the cause of the fault, and in conjunction with the control process of the test box to further confirm the cause of the failure, the test box has two sets of refrigeration units.

2., the host group, and the other auxiliary units, in the cooling rate is large, the two sets of units work at the same time, in the early stages of temperature maintenance, the two sets of units are still working. When the temperature is initially stabilized, the auxiliary unit stops working and the host group maintains the temperature stability. If the host group R23 leak, the cooling effect of the host group will be little. As the two units work at the same time in the process of cooling down, there will be no temperature stability, and the cooling rate will be reduced. Keep in temperature, once the auxiliary unit to stop working, the host group was no refrigeration effect, testchamber air will rise slowly, when the temperature rises to a certain extent, the control system will start the auxiliary unit to cool, the temperature dropped to the set value (-55 C) near the auxiliary unit and then stop working, so repeatedly, will this problem.

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