Salt mist test chamber without spray inspection, maintenance methods and preventive measures

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Salt mist test chamber without spraying inspection and maintenance method

Salt spray test box does not spray, the general problem is

1, no air pressure,

2. nozzle plug

3. nozzle crack.

Then we found that if the spray on inspection, we first check there is no pressure, determine the pressure in the nozzle check there is no blockage, we can use small things through a can, don't break the nozzle. If the nozzle breaks, you'll have to find a replacement supplier.

What is the reason for the nozzle crack in the salt mist test chamber?

The reason is that the pressure is too high and three cases enter the impurities or salt crystals.

How can these two situations be prevented?

A, the pressure is too high: the general pressure to 1.5kg, the pressure is too general to blow the nozzle,

B. preventing debris from entering the nozzle requires cleaning and checking if the filter is bad,

C. salt crystal: brine should be completely dissolved when it is in brine. Before starting the equipment, please try to make the salt crystal left by the last test. After all, clean the brine after the test.
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