High and low temperature test box cooling water requirements?

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High low temperature test box cooling water requirements: cooling water must be clean tap water or circulating water, should be qualified to do softening treatment, the water temperature is lower than 28 DEG C, the water pressure reaches 0.2 ~ 0.4MPa, and the diameter of water flow required to achieve the required equipment requirements, must be equipped with automatic replenishment device (ice machine does not need to prevent loss of circulation). Water evaporation caused by poor cooling.

In order to ensure the cooling effect of high and low temperature test box, when the return pressure observation is obviously low, the return water temperature becomes higher, please check the Y type filter is blocked, if the plug will filter Y filter remove the sediment, leaves and other debris in the filter, please clean it back again.

When the cooling tower external environment below 0 degrees, and the machine is not running, it must be in the cooling water tower water drain, or water in the water will freeze, freezing pipes, causing damage to the equipment.

The water tower power is suggested to be controlled by the test chamber. When the compressor is started, the water tower is started, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.

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